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2.Latest Projects

melton school 600400
Melton School

CLIENT: Melton School, based in Chicago and Jerusalem, is the largest pluralistic adult Jewish education network in the world.
PROJECT: The client needed a website to meet the needs of its 50 schools, 200+ faculty, 4,000+ students, 35,000 graduates, as well as potential students looking for information and to register online.
SITE: www.meltonschool.org

olympic 600400
Olympic Tennis

CLIENT: Olympic Indoor, the best-run, most successful tennis club in Central Ohio, serves an active and growing membership.
PROJECT: The client needed a website that would boost membership and provide current members with easy-to-access information about the club's programs. The site also had to be easy for the staff to update frequently with dynamic content.
SITE: www.olympicindoor.com

mevo beitar 600400
Mevo Beitar

CLIENT: Mevo Beitar, located ten kilometres southwest of Jerusalem, is a cooperative agricultural village in central Israel.
PROJECT: The client needed a professional, responsive, bilingual website that residents could rely on for helpful information and staff could easily update. The site needed to be welcoming, friendly, and vibrant - reflective of Mevo Beitar’s character.
SITE: www.mevobeitar.co.il

Friends of Yad Sarah

CLIENT: Friends of Yad Sarah, based in Manhattan, supports the work of Yad Sarah, the largest volunteer staffed organization in Israel.
PROJECT: The client needed a website that projected an image of Yad Sarah as professional and caring, increased awareness of and support for Yad Sarah, and provided an online platform for raising funds and selling gifts.
SITE: www.friendsofyadsarah.org

3.Select Clients

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5.Client Reviews

Amit Ben-Zvi, Partner, FIMI Opportunity Funds: Exceptional

"It was a pleasure to work with LiveSites on FIMI's new website. Their ability to understand our unique goals and then create a fluent, comprehensive and clear website design and content to fit is exceptional. Their quick reaction on any feedback we gave enabled us to launch the new website in just three weeks. Overall we felt throughout the project that we were in good hands and had a real partner who took significant responsibility for the success of the project. We look forward to working with LiveSites in the future on the on-going maintenance of the website and on new projects that require their skills."

Adele Goldberg, Executive Director, Friends of Yad Sarah, Inc.: Creative

"Working with Lisa and Giora is a dream. They were incredibly patient, helpful and responsive. Working with LiveSites helped us to update a tired, text-heavy website into a visually engaging and well-organized information center. I am particularly grateful for the creative solutions presented and the professional guidance we received that helped to turn this idea into a reality, enabling us to maximize the site's reach. I look forward to collaborating with them again as we work to keep the site dynamic and fresh."

Ranit Hyman, Executive Director, Meitarim: Personal Service

"We want to thank LiveSites for creating our new website. Beyond their professional work in building the site, we enjoyed the warm and personal way they related to us throughout the project. They listened to our dreams, suggested innovative ways to achieve our vision, found and developed solutions to meet our unique needs, and worked hand-in-hand with us, making sure we were satisfied at every step along the way. Their availability and response speed was exceptional. We enjoyed their flexibility, especially the pleasant way they received and processed our seemingly endless requests for changes. Our new website is an excellent business card and organizational tool for us, and we are very proud of it."

Sarit Rothberg, Marketing Manager, Strauss Group: Surpassed Expectations

"LiveSites created a newsletter system and template for Strauss’ internal use that surpassed our expectations. They created a template that is extremely cutting-edge technically and met our unique design and content needs and delivered it with exceptionally prompt and responsive service. Their attentiveness, approachability and ability to adapt to every customer's special needs made it a pleasure to work with them!"

6.Our Team

Lisa Katz

Founder and Director

Giora Shimoni

Managing Partner

Anat Szendro
Anat Szendro

Graphic Artist

Karthik Naveen
Karthik Naveen



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