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iplDr. Ilana Cohen and Eran Ovadia, Immunity Pharma: LiveSites led the process of site creation in a professional and cooperative way. The dialogic process of home page definition, content creation (especially selecting images), editing of English text, and overall implementation of all our requests led to the focused, clean homepage and well-designed site that effectively reflected our message and spirit. The outcome was highly praised by viewers, while the process was extremely smooth, kind and pleasant. Lisa and Giora quickly processed every request we made, and they as creatively and effectively implemented our raw ideas in a very respectful way. LiveSites delivered a well-designed, up-to-date styled, dialogically planned and rapidly built site. We highly recommend them!

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We help our clients succeed in today's increasingly digital world by creating and maintaining professional, cutting-edge, well-designed websites that help them to achieve their business goals.

We build lasting relationships with our valued clients by listening carefully, working hard and surpassing expectations.

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